Deanu ja Várjjat museasiida
Tana og Varanger museumssiida
Várjjat Sámi Musea
Varanger Samiske Museum
Deanu Musea
Tana Museum / Teno museo
Ä´vv Saa´mi mu´zei
Ä´vv Skoltesamisk museum
Várjjat Sámi Musea
You find us in Varangerbotn (E6/E75)
  • Permanent exhibition
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Museum café with coffee/tea and Norwegian wafles "vaffel"
  • Museum shop
  • Internet
  • Stállobiedju playroom
  • Outdoor area with Sámi dwellings
  • Fireplace
  • Nature reserve with birdhides/shelters

Ceavccageaðge/Mortensnes Cultural Heritage Site 
You find us 21 km east of Varangerbotn (E75) 
Museum/service building containing exhibition Luondu - sacred landscape, museum shop and café selling coffee, wafles, ice cream and soft drinks.

Open daily 10.00 -16.00 during summer season. Free entrance.
  • Culture trail/paths with information signs
  • Digital guide available - Ipads can be borrowed in the café
  • For guiding please take contact in advance:

Tel: (+47) 41 07 00 50