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Varanger Samiske Museum
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Tana Museum / Teno museo
Ä´vv Saa´mi mu´zei
Ä´vv Skoltesamisk museum
New online exhibition
Gáktis through changing times
Sámi traditional clothing, Norwegianization and vitalization in Nesseby 1920-2020.
Photos from outdoor marked and Sámi national day.

The traditional Vuonnamárkanat is cancelled in 2020 (5th September).
Unfortunately, due to the Corona pandemic, the traditional Vuonnamárkanat for this year has been cancelled.

Museum Shop
In the museum shop you will find a wide variety of items: Traditional Sámi handicraft and products inspired by the museum´s permanent collection.
T-shirts and wooll products such as Sámi scarves and mittens. Postcards, books and posters of famed artworks. Toys, gifts and souvenirs.

The museum shop is open during museum opening hours. Welcome inside!


Welcome back to Varanger Sámi Museum!
From Monday May 25th, the museum will again be open for visitors, following the directions from the Norwegian government and health authorities. Due to the Covid-19 virus, we kindly ask that all visitors follow these rules when visiting the Museum:

Maximum allowed group size is 25.
Please register at the reception desk (to ensure rapid contact tracing if needed).
Hand washing or hand disinfection before entering.
To ensure the health and safety of all visitors and staff, keep at least 3 ft./1 m. of distance to others.
Contactless payment by card is recommended. Cash must only be used if absolutely necessary.
It is also absolutely essential that visitors with respiratory infection symptoms (sore throat, cold, cough, etc.), people in home quarantine or diagnosed with COVID-19, are not allowed to visit.


Varanger Sámi Museum closed due to the coronavirus situation
  Varanger Samiske Museum closed due to the coronavirus situation
  Opening hours X-mas/New Year 2019/2020
Welcome to the Várjjat Sámi Museum internet pages

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