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Varanger Samiske Museum
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Tana Museum / Teno museo
Ä´vv Saa´mi mu´zei
Ä´vv Skoltesamisk museum
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The Norwegian Royal Couple visits June 18!
HRH King Harald and HRH Queen Sonja visits Nessesby municipality as part of their official tour to Finnmark.
The visit will take place at Varanger Sami Museum from 11:00 - 12:30 in the outdoor area.
The museum will be closed for visitors until 12:30.
There will be a program with speeches, cultural program and a mini marked with local products. The Royal Couple will tour the marked, greet people and visit the museum exhibitions before they return to the Royal ship achored in the Vadsø harbour.
After the vist the market and the museum will be open for the public. The mayor of Nesseby invites the public for coffee and cake at the museum. There will be activities for school children in the museum's outdoor area.
Photo: Sølve Sundsbø / Det kongelige hoff